Hardwood Planters

All of the hardwood timbers used are from ecologically sound resources and fall under FSC, PEFC or ‘Verified Progress’ certification. The remaining off cuts are used to heat the workshop and the shavings are composted. The Oxford Planters range of wooden garden planters includes a variety of contemporary and traditional designs. The range includes styles that will compliment any location or landscape.

Every wooden planter in the Oxford Planters collection is produced with consideration for the environment. Materials are sourced from certified resources, including European oak certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes

We use European oak, sustainable hardwoods and Accoya™ to create the above range of planters. As standard, planters from our natural wood range will be supplied untreated on the outside. The internal walls of each planter are lined with a specialist coating developed by Oxford Planters.

The Oxford Planters Hardwood & Oak Range

The Campion Planter Hardwood
The Trinity Planter Harwood
The Trinity™
The Churchill™
The Wadham Planter Hardwood
The Wadham™
The Wadham Classic Planter Hardwood
The Wadham Classic™
The Exeter Planter Hardwood
The Exeter™
The Hertford Planter Hardwood
The Hertford™
The Iris Planter Hardwood
The Iris™
keble no2 planter
The Keble No.2™
keble no2 classic planter
The Keble No.2 Classic™
The Keble No. 3 Planter Hardwood
The Keble No.3™
keble no3 classic planter hardwood
The Keble No.3 Classic™
linacre planter hardwood
The Linacre™
osler planter hardwood
The Osler™
stud planter hardwood
The Stud™
lincoln planter hardwood
The Lincoln™
mansfield planter hardwood
The Mansfield™
merton planter hardwood
The Merton™
merton no3 planter
The Merton No.3™
oriel planter hardwood
The Oriel™
pembroke planter
The Pembroke™
regent planter hardwood
The Regent™
st catherines planter
The St Catherines™
somerville planter hardwood
The Somerville™
osney planter
The Osney™
st hughs planter hardwood
The St Hugh’s™
wolfson planter
The Wolfson™
wycliffe planter hardwood
The Wycliffe™

Wooden Garden Planters

In some circumstances wood, particular oak release natural tannins (also found in tea, wine and other fruits). This is not a permanent condition. If the planters or furniture are sited on stone surfaces this may cause a little discolouration. Tannin is water-soluble and the stain will fade naturally in time. However, it can be removed by pressure washing or by using a mild bleach patio cleaner such as Oxalic Acid, which we are able to provide.

As oak and hardwoods weather and age the products will turn silver grey and there will be natural movement, which is one of the beautiful characteristics especially with oak. This is not detrimental to the durability of the product. However, to slow down this process and the release of tannins we recommend using Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra in a satin matt clear finish – we are able to supply this product. The product is based on natural vegetable oils with a preservative; is micro-porous, moisture regulating and should reduce swelling and shrinking. Natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy.