Accoya Planters and Garden Furniture

A very special timber for the outdoor environment

accoya white bench

At Oxford Planters, we combine time-honoured craftsmanship with a real spirit of innovation. That’s why, back in 2007, we were the first company to make garden furniture using Accoya.

Accoya is a very special type of wood that will ensure the beauty of your garden furniture or planters will be appreciated decades into the future.

Accoya is a modified timber. A patented technology known as acetylation ensures that it can resist rot and defy the elements for a remarkable length of time. Across our range of garden furniture and planters, Accoya is guaranteed for fifty years above ground, and twenty-five years in ground or freshwater.

Accoya also offers the perfect base for us to coat our furniture and planters meticulously to your specific colour choice. The technique we use has been developed in conjunction with the creators of Accoya, ensuring the best possible bond between coat and timber.

– FSC and PEFC accredited
– 100% recyclable
– 3 x more durable and stable than softwood or hardwood
– Excellent strength, hardness and colour performance
– 75% less shrinkage and swelling than conventional softwoods and hardwoods
– 25 year below ground guarantee against rot
– 50 year above ground guarantee against rot
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First Company To Use Accoya

Leading bespoke joinery company, Oxford Planters Ltd – renowned for manufacturing hand-crafted, high quality planters and outdoor furniture – is celebrating 10 years of utilising Accoya, the world-leading, high performance, sustainable wood.

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