Oxford Planters People

Leon Pierce, Director at Oxford Planters

leon in workshop at Oxford Planters Chipping Norton

Following in the footsteps of his father and both grandparents, Leon was clearly born with a passion for woodworking.

Back in the 1990s, he started his career as an apprentice with a high-end furniture manufacturer. Three years at the Countryside Agency followed, training intensively in traditional methods of joinery and wood machining. Leon then moved to his father’s Oxford workshop, specialising in period architectural joinery.

In 2004, Leon saw the opportunity to found Oxford Planters, focusing on the finest outdoor furniture and planters. The rest, as they say, is history. Leon now works on commissions from clients around the world, encompassing architectural projects as well as the stunning garden pieces on which the Oxford Planters name has been built.

Sarah Pierce, Director at Oxford Planters

sarah by Oxford Planter vans in Chipping Norton

For many years, Sarah has been the public face of Oxford Planters, ensuring that customer service matches the standards set by our skilled craftsmen. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the company’s product range, she answers a huge variety of technical and design questions, ensuring the perfect outcome for every requirement and outdoor space.

But that’s far from the full story. Sarah is also responsible for many of Oxford Planters’ iconic designs. Moreover, Sarah is trained to use the machines in the workshop, so her understanding of how the company can best meet your vision is second to none.

Sarah is also responsible for site visits. To book a personal consultation with the most versatile member of the Oxford Planters’ team, please contact sarah@oxfordplanters.co.uk

Contact us now 01608 683022 / 07765 188725 or email info@oxfordplanters.co.uk