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Louvred bin store for multiple bins

In recent years, the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces have become increasingly blurred. That’s just one of the reasons why outdoor furniture should be treated with exactly the same care and attention as interior furnishings. Storage is no exception. Whatever the outdoor setting, beauty and functionality should go hand-in-hand.

At Oxford Planters, we only ever build to order. Every piece of outdoor storage is made to your exact specifications. That gives us the freedom to design the perfect solution: fulfilling your storage requirements and complementing your outdoor space. What’s more, you’ll have the confidence of knowing it will be made entirely in our Cotswolds workshop, to the highest standards possible. Your investment in a genuinely individual piece of British craftsmanship will deliver many years of service and enjoyment.

Over the past two decades, our talented team of joiners and woodworkers has created numerous examples of beautifully practical, bespoke outdoor storage. We’ve even disguised a home beer brewery as a beehive.

More than anything else, we love working with our customers to bring their visions to life. So please don’t hesitate to share your storage project with us. Contact info@oxfordplanters.co.uk

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