The Wycliffe Wooden Planter ™

Made in Oak, Iroko or Accoya
wycliffe planter hardwood
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We love planters with a modern twist.

Thanks to the outstanding craftsmanship of our Cotswolds-based team of makers, each level of the Wycliffe stacks neatly onto the one below. As a result, it offers customers, gardeners and designers enormous scope to create the ideal size and height of planter.

The flexibility does not stop there. Handmade to order, our commitment to bespoke design provides the freedom to choose a finish and colour that fits perfectly with your unique vision and outdoor space.

The Wycliffe was designed exclusively for Oxford Planters in 2007, by Anthony Paul of Anthony Paul Landscape Design.

L x W x H cm

53 x 53 x 53
59 x 59 x 58
63 x 63 x 67
67 x 67 x 76
71 x 71 x 85

(Made to order in our standard dimensions or your requested dimensions)

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