The Pembroke Wooden Planter ™

Made in Oak, Iroko or Accoya
pembroke planter
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Deceptively simple, the Pembroke represents a wonderful marriage of elegant design and superb traditional joinery.

The tall vertical planks are subtly fluted to achieve a beautiful, tapered profile. The entire planter is then finished with a graceful arched top, dressed with either lead or copper. Another lovely detail is the walnut disc inset in the central plank of each side, just below the apex of the arch.

The Pembroke was designed exclusively for Oxford Planters by Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer, in 2007. It is hand built to your specification in our Cotswolds workshop.

L x W x H cm

50 x 50 x 72
64 x 64 X 100

(Made to order in our standard dimensions or your requested dimensions)

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