The Oxford Obelisk ™ Classic Wooden Garden Obelisk

Handmade to order in Oak, Iroko or Accoya™
oxford wooden garden obelisk from Oxford Planters
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The Oxford Obelisk ™ is a classic Wooden Garden Obelisk, proudly crafted in the UK by Oxford Planters. Meticulously built to order by our in-house team to your specifications and requirements. This obelisk is a testament to our exceptional joinery skills and a design that infuses timeless elegance into any outdoor setting.

The Oxford Obelisk ™ isn’t just functional; it is a combination of simplicity and elegance before your climbing plants adorn it. Its unassuming, expertly crafted structure adds a touch of style to your garden. Whether it’s supporting clematis, fragrant roses, or other climbers, this obelisk provides the perfect stage for your garden’s natural beauty.

Our Cotswolds-based team have a background in cabinet making and take great pride in each creation. The Oxford Obelisk ™, constructed using traditional mortice and tenon joints, is a true reflection of our commitment to quality craftsmanship. This attention to detail showcases the quality that distinguishes our work.

Longevity is of paramount importance when it comes to outdoor structures like obelisks. For that reason The Oxford Obelisk ™ is meticulously crafted from hand-selected oak, iroko, or A1 grade Accoya, each chosen for its ability to endure the rigors of outdoor life while retaining its beauty. We spray coat Accoya in any colour of your choice.

When you select The Oxford Obelisk ™ Classic Wooden Garden Obelisk from Oxford Planters, you’re not merely acquiring a garden structure; you are investing in a unique piece of art that will enhance your outdoor space for years to come. With worldwide delivery options, our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders. All UK orders are delivered directly by Oxford Planters.

To explore more of our exquisite offerings and witness how our craftsmanship can transform your garden, download our brochure. Choose The Oxford Obelisk ™ made to order to your unique specifications, and elevate your outdoor space with enduring style.

L x W x H cm – (Height excludes finial)

60 x 60 x 210

(The Oxford Obelisk ™ Classic Wooden Garden Obelisk is handmade to order in our standard dimensions or your requested dimensions)

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