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A fully bespoke Oxford Planters kitchen brings new life and energy to your outdoor space. Designed and made in our Cotswolds workshop, we offer the same outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail you would expect from the very best indoor kitchen makers.

Always unique

There’s nothing modular or standardised about our approach. Every Oxford Planters kitchen is a true one-off, as unique as your vision and outdoor setting. And because Oxford Planters only ever build to order, we are more than just skilled woodworkers and joiners. We are also highly experienced designers and project managers. Our friendly and committed team love working in partnership with customers, creating outdoor furniture that is a perfect match for their individual requirements.

Planning every detail

When designing an outdoor kitchen, that personal relationship is more important than ever. We’ll work with you every step of the way, ensuring the best possible use of available space, and taking full advantage of the greater freedom that an outdoor kitchen typically offers.

Naturally, the layout needs to fit your cooking requirements. But it should also reflect the unique ability of an outdoor kitchen to become the heart of the garden, bringing family and friends together.

Enhancing and complementing your outdoor setting

In common with the design values that run through all our outdoor furniture, Oxford Planters can create your kitchen in a wide range of classic and contemporary styles. Whether on a patio, terrace or poolside, our kitchen will complement and enhance your setting, and integrate beautifully with both natural and built environments.

The Oxford Planters team can also draw on an outstanding portfolio of outdoor tables, benches, storage, trellis and planters, enabling a truly holistic approach to kitchen design. We are therefore ideally placed to harmonise your outdoor cooking and dining areas, along with the wider garden space.

Complete freedom to choose your preferred appliances

Oxford Planters has always worked closely with leading garden and interior designers, as well as private clients, to ensure that our furniture is installed as perfectly as it is made. We apply the same exacting standards to our kitchens. What’s more, we are extremely flexible partners for your project. As required, our team can source and fit all the appliances for your kitchen, including lighting and associated utilities. We are not an agent or stockist for any particular brand; you enjoy complete freedom of choice in every aspect of the design and fit.

Only ever the finest materials

Each kitchen is built entirely in our Cotswolds workshop. Our talented team is highly skilled and experienced in traditional woodworking crafts, including complete mastery of mortise and tenon joints. Moreover, we only work with the very finest materials. For a natural finish, that means hand-selected, FSC-accredited oak or iroko. Alternatively, we will use exceptionally durable Accoya wood, and coat it flawlessly in your exact choice of colour or colours. For your worktops, we recommend Dekton. Available in an array of classic, contemporary and minimalist styles, Dekton is widely recognised as the preferred choice for performance, durability and aesthetics in both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Beautifully sustainable

Our commitment to sustainability does not end with the use of FSC or PEFC-certified wood. In all aspects of our work, we aim to minimise the environmental impact. That includes everything from using reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible, to sharing our offcuts with local woodturners. For more details on our sustainability programme, please visit our dedicated page here.

The first step to an outstanding outdoor kitchen

For a no-obligation, pressure-free discussion about the possibilities of a bespoke Oxford Planters outdoor kitchen, please contact info@oxfordplanters.co.uk

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